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Some words about this webpage
    Welcome friend...!! This is the page, where I present information about me, my work, my ideas etc. This webpage is all about the top notch stuff related to me. You will find here many things about me, about my interests, useful materials and much more. This webpage was developed while pursuing MTech at IIT Kanpur in 2006-07 and it's content's are updated as per requirement. My intention with this page is to take the best parts of my student and professional life and present it in an interesting way. Since I really love to work with websites, you can expect this page to be alive and active - and probably updated as and when required. If you are interested in any of the different content sections here, I suggest that you bookmark this page. I hope you will enjoy surfing through my 'webhome'.
Browse around. Have fun.... And don't forget to sign my Guestbook.
Thanks and Regards,
-Pravin Kolhe.
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