Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract
        Contracts are an important and pervasive part of our daily lives, so it is a vital skill to understand the basic principles of contracts. "Contract Law: From Trust to Promise to Contract (ContractsX 2016)" is an online courses from Harvard University starts by putting contracts into their human setting, analyzing why we form contracts and what aspects of our humanity contracts depend upon and serve. The course then moves onto the nuts and bolts of contracts—what promises do and do not form contracts, the principles of offer and acceptance, and what happens when contracts go wrong. Along the way, Professor Fried will introduce famous cases and judges, illustrating principles of contracts with some wonderful stories.
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ContractsX 2016 - Course Content:
Unit 1: 4 Principles
Unit 2: Empty Bag
Unit 3: Offer/Acceptance
Unit 4: Law at the Margins
Unit 5: Mistakes, Fraud, and Frustration
Unit 6: Interpretation of Contracts
Unit 7: Remedies and Specific Performance, Third Parties
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