Civil Engineering Reference Books
Engineering Mathematics
Building Construction
Building Materials/ Engineering Materials
Building planning
Strength of material
Theory of structure/ Structural analysis/ Application of Computer Programming to structures
Steel structures
Concrete Technology
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Pre-stressed Concrete/Earthquake Engineering/Design of Water Tanks
Matrix Methods/ Numerical Methods
Finite Element Methods
Systems Approach to Civil Engineering
Earthquake Engineering
Surveying /Advanced Surveying/Remote Sensing/GIS
Estimating, Costing and Valuation, Contracts and Quantity Surveying
Engineering Geology/Rock Mechanics
Geo-technical Engineering
Foundation Engineering
Construction Planning and Management/TQM & MIS
Fluid Mechanics
Engineering Hydrology
Irrigation Engineering/Water Management
Dams & Hydraulic Structures
Hydropower Engineering
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Highway Engineering
Bridge Engineering
Airport Engineering
Water Supply Engineering/Environmental Engineering
Air Pollution
Docks & Harbour Engineering
Town Planning
Geoinformatics/Remote Sensing
Industrial Waste Water Management
Engineering Mathematics
1. Engineering Mathematics by B.V. Raman (Tata McGraw-Hill).
2. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 2e, by M. D. Greenberg (Pearson Education).
3. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Wylie C.R. & Barrett L.C. (McGraw-Hill, Inc.)
4. Higher Engineering Mathematics by B. S. Grewal (Khanna Publication, Delhi).
5. Applied Mathematics (Volumes I and II) by P. N. Wartikar & J. N. Wartikar (Pune Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan, Pune).
6. Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB, 2e, by Thomas L. Harman, James Dabney and Norman Richert (Brooks/Cole, Thomson Learning).
Building Construction
01. Building Construction by B.C. Punmia.
02. Building Construction by S.C. Rangwala
03. Building Construction by Bindra and Arora.
04. Building Construction and Materials by Sushil Kumar.
05. Doors and Windows, Stairs by R. Barry.
06. Materials of construction by Ghosh, Tata McGraw Hill.
07. Building Materials Technology by Branyly, Tata McGraw Hill.
08. Properties of concrete by a M Neville.
09. Properties Evaluation and Control of Engineering, Tata McGraw Hill.
10. Building Construction by Mitchell.
11. National Building Code.
12. Building Materials— S.V.Deodhar , Khanna Publication
Building Materials/ Engineering Materials
01. Civil Engineering Materials—Neil Jackson & Ravindra K. Dhir-- Palgrave Macmillan
02. Building Materials---S.K.Duggal—New Age International Publishers
03. Civil Engineering Materials --- TTTI Chandigrah, Tata McGraw Hill Publications.
04. Materials of construction --- Ghosh, Tata McGraw Hill.
05. Building Construction -- S.C. Rangwala.
06. National Building Code. (Latest edition )
07. Doors Windows, and Stairs by R. Barry.
08. Building Materials Technology by Branyly, Tata McGraw Hill.
09. Properties of Concrete by A. M. Neville.
10. Properties Evaluation and Control of Engineering, Tata McGraw Hill.
11. Building Construction by Mitchell.
Building planning
1. Building Drawings with an integrated Approach to Built-Environment – Shah, Kale and Patki- Tata McGraw Hill co. 4th edition.
2. National Building Code (latest)
3. Building Design and construction by Merrit Tata McGraw Hill
4. Times Saver standards of Architectural Design Data by Callender – Tata McGraw Hill
5. Building science and planning by Dr. S. V. Deodhar.
6. Building services by S.M.Patil
Strength of material
1) Strength of Material - F. L. Singer and Andrew Pytel, Harper and Row publication
2) Strength of Materials – R Subramanian, Oxford University Press.
3. Elements of Strength of Materials by Timoshenko and Young, East-West Press Ltd.
4. Mechanics of Materials - Gere and Timoshenko, CHS publishers
5. Mechanics of Material - Beer and .Johnston, McGraw Hill publication
6. Mechanics of Materials - Andrew Pytel, Jaan Kiualaas, Thomson Learning
7. Introduction to Mechanics of Solids- E.P. Popov, Prentice Hal1 publication.
8. Strength of materials by S Ratan, Tata McGraw Hill.
9. Strength of materials by D S Prakash Rao, University Press.
Theory of structure/ Structural analysis/ Application of Computer Programming to structures
01. Mechanics of Structures Vol. II by S B Junnarkar and DR. H J Shah, Charotar.
02. Structural Analysis: A Matrix Approach by Pundit and Gupta, McGraw Hills.
03. Basic Structural Analysis by C S Reddy, Tata McGraw Hill.
04. Structural Analysis by R C Hibbler, Pearson Education.
05. Plastic Methods of Structural Analysis by B. G. Neal, Champman and Hall.
06. Elementary Structural Analysis by Norris, Wilbur and Utku, TMH.
07. Intermediate Structural Analysis by C K Wang, Mc Graw Hill.
08. Intermediate Structural Analysis: C.K. Wang, McGraw Hills.
09. Basic Structural Analysis: Wilbur and Norris.
10. Theory of Structures by L. S. Negi and Jangid, Tata McGraw Hill.
11. Theory of Structures Vol. I & II by B. C. Punmia, Laxmi Publication.
12. Theory of Structures Vol. I & II by Perumull & Vaidyanathan, Laxmi Publication.
13. Mechanics of Structure vol. II by Junnarkar S B
14. Varghese, P. C. Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design, PHI
15. Krishna Raju- Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design. CBSRD.
16. Shiyekar ,M R.-Limit state design in structural steel – Prentice Hall of India Learning Pvt. Ltd. Delhi.
17. Ramakrishna, V. Arthur P. D., Ultimate strength Design for Structural Concrete, Pitman, London.
18. Karve, S. R. and Shah, V. L. , Limit State Theory and Design of Reinforced Concrete PVG Prakashan, Pune.
19. Punmia, Reinforced Concrete Structures Vol. 1 and 2, Standard Book House New- Delhi.
20. Sinha and Roy., RCC Analysis and Design. S. Chand and Co. New-Delhi
21. Ramachandra, Design of Steel Structures Vol.-II Standard Publications New-Delhi.
22. Punmia,B. C. and Jain and Jain, Comprehensive Design of Steel Structures, Standard Book House
23. Guide for Structural use of steel work in Buildings- INSDAG Calcutta.
24. ISI Hand book for structural engineers SP 6 (5): 1980
25. ISI Handbook for structural Engineers SP6 (2) : 1962 Steel Beams and plate girders.
26. ISI Hand book for structural engineers SP 6 (6) 1972. Application of plastic theory in design of steel structures
Steel structures
1. Design of Steel Structure by N Subramanian, Oxford University Press, New Delhi.
2. Design of steel structure by Limit State Method as per IS: 800- 2007 by Bhavikatti S, I K International Publishing House, New Delhi.
3. Limit state design of Steel Structure by V L Shah & Gore, Structures Publication, Pune.
4. Teaching materials of National Workshop on design of steel structure by limit state method organized for faculty of Pune University, Pune.
5. Teaching Resource Material by INSDAG.
Concrete Technology
01. Concrete technology by M. L. Gambhir, Tata Mcgraw Hill Publications.
02. Concrete Technology by M.S. Shetty, S. Chand Publications.
03. Concrete Technology by A R Santhakumar, Oxford University Press.
04. Properties of concrete by A. M. Neville, Longman Publishers.
05. Concrete Technology by R.S. Varshney, Oxford and IBH.
06. Concrete, by P. Kumar Metha, Gujrat Ambuja.
07. Concrete technology by A M. Neville, J.J. Brooks, Addision Weslley
08. Concrete technology by Santhakumar- Oxford University Press.
09. Concrete technology-A.M.Neville and Brooks
10. Properties of Concrete- Murdock.
11. Properties of Concrete-P.K.Mehta.
12. Concrete Technology- M.S.Shetty.
13. Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite- P.N.Balguru & P.N.Shah.
Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures
1. Limit State Theory and Design: Dr. V. L. Shah and Dr. S.R. Karve - Pune Vidyarthi Gruh Publication, Pune.
2. Limit State Analysis and Design: P. Dayaratnram, Wheeler Publishing company, Delhi.
3. Comprehensive Design of R.C. Structures by Punmia, Jain and Jain – Standard Book House, New Delhi.
4. RCC Analysis and Design: Sinha, S, Chand and Co. New Delhi.
5. Reinforced Concrete Design by Varghese, PHI, New Delhi.
6. Reinforced Concrete Design by Pillai Menon, Tata Mc Graw Hill, New Delhi.
7. Design of Concrete Structure by J N Bandyopadhyay, PHI, New Delhi.
Pre-stressed Concrete/Earthquake Engineering/Design of Water Tanks
01. Limit state theory and design of reinforced - Dr. V. L. Shah and Dr S. R. Karve Concrete, Structures Publications
02. Fundamentals of Reinforced Concrete- N.C. Sinha, S.K. Roy – S. Chand & Co. Ltd
03. Advanced design of structures- Krishnaraju - Mc Graw Hill
04. Design of Prestressed concrete structures- T. Y. Lin.
05. Prestressed Concrete- N. Krishna Raju – Tata Mc Graw Hill Publication Co.
06. Comprehensive RCC Design - Punmia, Jain & Jain - Laxmi Publications.
07. Design of design of reinforced Concrete structures- M. L. Gambhir -PHI
08. Reinforced Concrete, Vol I- Dr.H J. Shah Charotar Publishing House
09. Prestressed Concrete – A Fundamental Approach- Edward Nawy – PHI.
10. IS: 456: Indian Standard code of practice for plain and reinforced concrete, BIS, New Delhi.
11. IS: 1343: Indian Standard code of practice for Prestressed concrete, BIS, New Delhi.
12. IS: 1893: Indian Standard Code of practice for criteria for Earthquake resistant design of structures, BIS, New Delhi.
13. IS: 3370-Indian Standard code of practice for concrete structures for storage of liquids, BIS, New Delhi.
Matrix Methods/ Numerical Methods
01. Numerical Methods for Engineering – S.C. Chapra & R.P. Canale Tata Mc Graw Hill Publication
02. Matrix & Finite Element analysis of structures – Madhujit Mukhopadhyay – Ane Books Pvt. Ltd.
03. Problems in structural Analysis by Matrix Methods – P Bhatt, Wheeler Publication
04. Advanced Structural Analysis – Devdas Menon – Narosa Publishing House
05. Matrix Analysis of Structures – Aslam Kassimalli Books / Cole Publishing company.
06. Structural Analysis – A Matrix Approach - Pandit & Gupta - Tata Mc Graw Hill Publication
07. Matrix Analysis of Framed Structures – Gere & Weaver- CBS Publications, Delhi
08. Matrix Methods of Structural Analysis – Meghare & Deshmukh- Charotar Publishing House, Anand.
09. Matrix and Finite Element Analysis of structure by Madhujeet Mukhopadhyay,Abdul Hameed Shaikh.
10. Matrix Method for structural Gere ,Weaver.
11. Statistical methods – S.P.Gupta
12. Numerical Methods – E Balagurusamy
13. Numerical methods for Engineers – S.Chapra, R.P.Canale
14. Higher Engineering Mathematics – B.S. Grewal
Finite Element Methods
01. Nonlinear finite element analysis by Reddy- Oxford University Press.
02. Introduction to the Finite Element Method – Desai & Abel, CBS Publishers & Distributors – Delhi
03. Introduction to Finite Elements in Engineering – T.R. Chandrupatla & A.D. Belegundu - Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.
04. Matrix, Finite Element, Computer & Structural Analysis – M. Mukhopadhyay, Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd.
05. Finite Element Analysis – Theory & Programming – C.S. Krishnmoorthy, TATA Mc Graw Hill Publshing Co. Ltd.
06. An Introduction to the Finite Element Method – J.N. Reddy, TATA Mc Graw Hill Publshing Co. Ltd.
07. Theory & Problems – Finite Element Analysis – Gorge R. Buchanan, Schaum’s Outline Series. TATA Mc Graw Hill Publshing Co. Ltd.
08. The Finite Element Method – O.C. Zien kiewicz, TATA Mc Graw Hill Publshing Co. Ltd.
09. Finite Element Analysis – S.S. Bhavikatti, New Age International (P) Ltd
Systems Approach to Civil Engineering
01. Operations Research by Hamdy A. Taha
02. Engineering Optimization by S.S.Rao
03. Quantitative Techniques in Management by N.D. Vohra ( Mc Graw Hill )
04. Topics in Management Science by Robert E. Markland( Wiley Publication)
05. An Approach to Teaching Civil Engineering System by Paul J. Ossenbruggen
06. A System Approach to Civil Engineering Planning & Design by Thomas K. Jewell (Harper Row Publishers)
07. Mathematical Model for Optimization (MMO Software)
Earthquake Engineering
01. Earthquake resistance design of structure by Duggal- Oxford University Press.
02. Dynamics of structure by Clough R.W. and Penzin J. McGraw Hill Civil Engineering Series
03. Dynamics of structure by Anil Chopra, Prentice Hall India Publication
04. Dynamics of structure by Mario Paz, CBSPD Publication
05 .Earthquake Resistant Design by David J. Downik, John Wiley and Sons Publication
06. Earthquake Tips NICEE, IIT, Kanpur
07. Elements of Earthquake Engineering by Jaikrishna and Chandarsekaran.
08. Geo-technical Earthquake Engineering by Kramer S. L. Prentice Hall India Publication
09. Introduction to Structural Dynamics by John M. Biggs
10. Mechanical Vibrations by V. P. Singh
11. Relevant Latest Revisions of IS codes.
Surveying /Advanced Surveying/Remote Sensing/GIS
01. Surveying and Levelling by Vol. I and Vol. II – T.P.Kanetkar and S.V.Kulkarni
02. Surveying and Levelling by Subramanian, Oxford University Press.
03. Surveying, Vol. I & II by Dr.B.C.Punmia, Ashok K. Jain, Arun K.Jain
04. Surveying: Vol. II. and III by Dr. B. C. Punmia : Laxmi Publication - New Delhi.
04. Surveying and Levelling by N. N. Basak
05. Surveying Vol. I & II by Dr.K. R. Arora
06. Surveying, Vol. I & II by S. K. Duggal
07. Surveying: Theory and Practice by James M. Anderson, Edward M. Mikhail
08. Surveying theory and practices by Devis R. E., Foot F. S.
09. Plane and Geodetic surveying for Engineers. Vol. I by David Clark
10. Principles of Surveying. Vol. I by J.G.Olliver, J.Clendinning
11. Surveying - Vol. II and III by Dr. K. R. Arora Standard Book House
12. Elements of Photogrammetry by Paul R. Wolf, McGraw Hill Publication
13. Remote sensing and Geographical Information System, By A. M. Chandra and S. K. Ghosh, Narosa Publishing House.
14. Remote sensing in Civil Engineering by J. M. Kennie and M. C. Matthews.
15. The GIS book, 5th Edition, George B Korte, PE onward Press
16. Advanced Surveying -Total Station, GIS and Remote Sensing by Satheesh Gopi, R.Sathikumar and N. Madhu , Pearson publication
17. Surveying Vol. 2 by S. K. Duggal, McGraw Hill Publication
Estimating, Costing and Valuation, Contracts and Quantity Surveying
01. Estimating and Costing in Civil Engineering: Theory and Practice By: B.N Dutta Published By: S. Dutta & Company, Lucknow.
02. Estimating, Costing Specifications & valuation in Civil Engineering By: M.Chakraborty Published By: Author.
03. Estimating and Costing By: G.S.Birdie
04. Estimating and Costing By: Rangwala Published By: Charotar Publishing House, Anand
05. Civil Engineering Contracts & Estimates By: B.S.Patil Published By: Orient Longman Ltd. Mumbai.
06. Valuation of Real Estates By:Rangwala Published By: Charotar Publishing House, Anand
07. Practical Information for quantity Surveyors, Property Valuers, Architects, Engineers and Builders.By:P.T Joglekar Published By: Pune Vidyarthi Griha Prakashan, Pune.
08. Standard Contract Clauses for Domestic Bidding Contracts: Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India.
09. FIDIC Document: Federation International Des Ingenieurs Conseils i.e. International Federation of Consulting Civil Engineers, Geneva, Switzerland.
10. I.S.1200 (Part 01 to 25): Methods of Measurement of Building and Civil Engineering Works.
11. D.S.E: District Schedule of Rates
Engineering Geology/Rock Mechanics
01. A Text Book of Engineering Geology by R.B. Gupte -P.V.G. Publications, Pune.
02. A Text Book of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems by M. Anji Reddy- 2nd Edition B S Publication.
03. A Text Book of Engineering Geology by N. Chenna Kesavulu.
04. Principles of Remote Sensing by S.K.Garg.
05. Principles of Engineering Geology by S.K.Garg.
06. Geology and Engineering by R.Legget- McGraw Hill Book Co., London.
07. Physical Geology by Arthur Holmes-ELBS Publication.
08. Principles of Petrology by G.W. Tyrrel.
09. Jaeger – Rock Mechanics in Engineering, Cambridge Univ Press London , 1990
10. Goodmann – Principles of Rock Mechanics.
11. Bieniawski Z. T. - Engineering Classification of jointed Rock Masses
12 .Dr. Dobbrin - Introduction to Geophysics
13 .Goodmann – Engg. Geology
14 .Megaw T. M.& Tunnels: Planning, Design, Construction
15. J. V. Bartlett - Int. ED, Ellis Horwood ltd. John Willey & Sons .
16. Skinner B. J: The Dynamic Earth, An Introduction to Phy & Porter S. C Geology John Willey & Sons .NY 1989
17. Introduction to Rock Mechanics by B. P. Verma-Khanna Pub New Delhi
18 .Environmental Geology by Waldiya
19 .Environmental Geology – Keller, Prentice – Hall Publication.
20. Gupte R. B. (1980) – P. W. D. Handbook Chapter –6, Part-II ‘Engineering Geology’Government of Maharashtra.
21. Tunnelling India '94, “Central Board of Irrigation and Power”, New Delhi
22. Manual on Rock Mechanics, Central Board of Irrigation and Power, New Delhi, 1988.
23. Handbook of Geological terms, geology and Physical Geology, David page,University of Michigan. USA
24. Handbook of Geology in Civil engineering, Robert Fergussion , Legget, Mc-Graw hill,
25. Geotechnical Engineering handbook, Robert day, Mc- Graw hill, ISBN 0-07-137782-4
26. IRC code of practice for Road Tunnels. IRC-78-2000; IS-12070; IS-1336 Part I and II.
27. I. S. 4453-1967 Code of practice for Exploration, pits, trenches, drifts & shaft.
28. I. S. 6926-1973 Code of practice for diamond drilling for site investigation river valley project.
29. I. S. 4078-1967 Code of practice for Logging and Storage of Drilling Core.
30. I. S. 5313-1969 Guide for core drilling observation.
Geo-technical Engineering
01. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering by Dr.B.C.Punmia, Laxmi Publications
02. Geotechnical Engineering by Shashi K. Gulati & Manoj Datta, Tata McGraw Hill
03. Geotechnical Engineering by Purushottama Raj
04. Principles of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering by V.N.S. Murthy, UBS Publishers
05. Rocks Mechanics by B.P.Verma
06. Geotechnical Engineering – Principles & Practices by Donald. P. Coduto, Pearson Education
07. Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics by Gopal Ranjan and A.S.R.Rao, Newage International
08. Physical and Geotechnical Properties of Soils by Joseph.E.Bowles, International Students Edition
09. Rocks Mechanics by Goodman.
10. Physical and Geotechnical properties of soils- Joseph E. Bowels, Tata Mac-Grawhill
11. Advance Soil Mechanics – Braja Mohan Das- Tata Mc- Grawhill
12. Geotechnical Engineering by Shashi K. Gulati & Manoj Datta – Tata Mc-Grawhill
13. Basic and Applied Soil Mechanics- Gopal Ranjan & A.S. Rao- New Age Publication
14. IS: 1892-1979 – “Code of Practice for Subsurface Investigation for Foundation”.
15. IS: 2131-1981 (Reaffiemed 1997), “Method for Standard penetration Test for Soils”.
16. Bolt, Bruce A.(1999),”Earthquakes”, W.H.Freeman.
17. Baghi, A.,(1994)” Design, Construction and Monitoring of Landfills.”John Wiley & Sons.
18. Day.R.W.(2002),”Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Handbook”,McGraw Hill.
Foundation Engineering
01. Soil mechanics and Foundations by B.C Punmia, Laxmi Publications
02. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering- V. N. S Murthy
03. Geotechnical Engineering- C.Venkatramaiah.
04. Geotechnical Engineering by Conduto, PHI, New Delhi.
05. Geotechnical Engineering by Shahi. K.Gulati & Manoj Dutta, Tata McGraw Hill
06. Basic and applied soil mechanics by Gopal Ranjan and A.S.Rao, New Age Publications
07. A Text book of Geotechnical Engineering- Iqbal H. Khan
08. Foundation Design Manual: N V Nayak, Dhanpat Rai Publications.
09. Foundation Analysis and Design- Joseph E. Bowels, TATA Mc-Grawhill
10. Design Aids in Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineerimg-Shenbage R Kaniraj, TATA Mc-Grawhill
11. Design of Foundation Systems- Nainan P Kurian, Narosa publication house
12. Foundation Design & Construction- M.J.Tamlinson, ELBS publication
13. G. A. Leonards, Foundation Engineering, McGraw-Hill, 1962.
14. J.E. Bowles, Foundations Analysis and Design, 3rd Ed., McGraw-Hill, 1968.
15. R.B. Peck, W.E. Hanson and T.H. Thornburn, Foundation Engineering, 2nd Edition, John Wiley and Sons, 1974.
16. IS: 1892-1979 – “Code of Practice for Subsurface Investigation for Foundation”.
17. IS: 2131-1981 (Reaffirmed 1997), “Method for Standard penetration Test for Soils”.
18. IS: 6403-1981 – “Code of Practice for Determination of B.C. of Shallow Foundation”.
19. IS: 8009 (Part-1) 1976, “Code of Practice for Calculation of settlements of foundations”.
20. IS: 1904-1986, “Code of Practice for Design and Construction of Foundations in Soils, general Requirements”.
21. IS: 2911-1979, “Code of Practice for Design and Construction of Pile Foundation,”.
22. Fang , H.Y.,(1991),” Foundation Engineering Handbook”, Chapman & Hall,NY.
23. Teng .W.C.(1962), Foundation Design , Prentice Hall International.
Construction Planning and Management/TQM & MIS
01. Construction Engineering and Management by S. Seetharaman, Umesh Publications, New Delhi.
02. Total Project Management – The Indian Context by P. K. Joy Macmillan India Ltd.
03. PERT and CPM Principles and Applications by L. S. Srinath, Affiliated East West Press Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.
04. Construction Project Management-Planning, Scheduling and Controlling by K. K. Chitkara, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi.
05. Construction Management and Planning by B. Sengupta and H Guha, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company, New Delhi.
06. The Essentials of Project Management by Dennis Lock, Gower Publishing Ltd. UK.
07. Financial Management by Prasanna Chandra, Tata McGraw – Hill Publication.
08. Engineering Economics, James Riggs, David Bedworth, Sabah Randhawa, McGraw Hill
09. Essentials for Decision Makers by Asok Mukherjee, Scitech Publication, New Delhi.
10. Construction Planning, Methods & Equipment: Puerifoy – Tata McGraw Hill
11. Construction Equipment’s & its Management: S. C. Sharma, Khanna Publications.
12. Management –Principal, process and practices by Bhat – Oxford University Press.
13. Financial management by Shrivastava- Oxford University Press
14. Quality Control and Total Quality Management by P.L.Jain- Tata McGraw Hill Publ.Company Ltd.
15. Management Information Systems – Gordon B. Davis, Margrethe H. Olson – Tata McGraw Hill Publ. Co.
16. Total Engineering Quality Management – Sunil Sharma – Macmillan India Ltd.
17. Total Project Management – The Indian Context - P.K.Joy Macmillan India Ltd.
18. Projects – Planning, Analysis, Selection, Implementation and Review, Prasanna Chandra, Tata McGraw Hill Publications.
19. Construction Management and Planning – B. Sengupta and H. Guha, Tata McGraw Hill Publications
20. Civil Engineering Project Management – C. Alan Twort and J. Gordon Rees, Elsevier Publications
21. Total Project Management – The Indian Context – P. K. Joy, MacMillian Publications
22. Materials Management–Gopalkrishnan & Sunderasan,Prentice Hall Publications.
23. Human Resource Management – Biswajeet Pattanayak, Prentice Hall Publishers
24. Labour and Industrial Laws – S. N. Mishra, Central Law Publications.
25. Artificial Neural Network – Veganarayanan – Prentice Hall
26. Genetic Algorithm – David & Goldberg
27. Fuzzi Logic & Engineering Applications – Ross
28. Principles of Construction Management by Roy Pilcher ( McGraw Hill)
Fluid Mechanics
01. Fluid Mechanics by Streeter & Wylie, Tata McGraw Hill.
02. Fluid Mechanics by Garde Mirajgaonkar, SCITECH Publication
03. Fluid Mechanics by Dr Jain A. K., Khanna Pub.
04. Hydraulics & Fluid Mechanics by Modi and Seth, Standard Book House
05. Introduction to Fluid Mechanics by S K Som and G Biswas, Tata McGraw Hill.
06. Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications by Daugherty, Franzini & Fennimore, SI Metric Edition by K Subramanya, McGraw Hill.
07. Fluid Mechanics by White, McGraw Hill.
08. Mechanics of Fluids by Irving Shames, McGraw Hill.
09. Fluid Mechanics: Fundamentals & Applications by Cengel, Cimbala, McGraw Hill Higher Education.
10. Engineering Fluid Mechanics by Garde, Mirajgaonkar, Scitech
11. Open Channel Flow: K. G. Ranga Raju - Tata McGraw Hill.
12. Open Channel Flow by K Subranmanya, TMH, Third Ed.
13. Open Channel Hydraulics: Ven te Chow - Tata McGraw Hill.
Engineering Hydrology
01. Engineering hydrology – Subramanyam Tata McGraw Hill.
02. Hydrology & Water Resources – R.K. Sharma Dhanpatrai & sons
03. ANN in Hydrology; Govinda Raju & Ramachandra Rao; PHI
04. “Handbook of Applied Hydrology” by Van Tee Chow- McGRAW Hill
Irrigation Engineering/Water Management
01. Irrigation Engineering - S. K. Garg.
02. Irrigation, Water Resources and water power engineering- Dr. P. N. Modi Publ Standard book house.
03. Irrigation and water power Engineering.- Dr. Punmia and Dr . Pande, Standard Publisher
04. Irrigation Engineering Bharat Singh
05. Theory & design of irrigation structures Vol.I, II, IIIVarshney Gupta and Gupta Nemchand and brothers publication
06. Water Management – Jasapal Singh, M.S.Achrya, Arun Sharma – Himanshu Publication.
07. Water Resources Systems Engg, D. P. Loucks, Prentice Hall
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12. Chaturvedi, M.C. “ Water Resources Systems Planning and Management” Tata McGraw Hill
13. James L.D and Lee R.R “ Economics of Water Resources Planning”, McGraw Hill
14. Water resources hand book; Larry W. Mays, McGraw International Edition
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20. Water shed Management – B.M. Tideman
21. Watershed Shed Management V.V. Dhrava Narayana, G Sastry, U.S. Patnaik.
22. Water Resources Design Planning Engg and Economic; Edward Kuiper, Butterworth & Co.
23. T.M. Lillesand and R.W. Kiefer, Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1994.
Dams & Hydraulic Structures
01. Design of Small Dams- United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation revised reprint 1974, Oxford and IBH Publishing Co.
02. Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering- Asawa G.L- New Age International (P) Ltd. Publishers, first ed, 2005.
03. Engineering for Dams- CreagerW.P, Justin J.D, Hinds J -Wiley Eastern Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1968
04. Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures- Garg S.K- Khanna Publishers N.D. 13th ed, 1998.
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08. Irrigation, Water Resources and Water Power Engineering- Modi, P.N. – Standard Book House, New Delhi, 2nd ed, 1990.
09. Earth and Earth Rock Dams- Sherard J.L, Woodward R.J. - John Wiley and Sons, inc. 1963.
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