Certificate Course in Right to Information  (CCRTI)
      The Right to Information Act 2005 envisages a practical regime of transparency and accountability in the working of Public Authorities. It aims at empowerment of the common citizen with ideas and information to seek entitlements and to participate in the process of democratic governance.
      This Act fosters an informed citizenry and participative decision making process giving right to Citizen to seek information, inspect work or record, take samples, and monitor progress and performance of Governance. This Act has dismantled the framework of secrecy and now providing information is the rule and secrecy is an exception.
YASHADA, an apex training institute of Government of Maharashtra has always been on the forefront with its expertise in capacity building and has worked as National Implementing Agency -in Capacity Building for Access to Information. .
      To facilitate enjoyable and useful learning at the convenience of learners, this Certificate Course in RTI is designed by taking into consideration the need of RTI Training for All . While designing this course we have carefully viewed difficulties being faced by both ‘Supply side' i.e. Public Authorities and its officers- and ‘Demand side' i.e. Citizen, Media, NGOs, Students and all sections of society. We have designed a distance mode Certificate Course in Right to Information Act 2005 to disseminate knowledge, procedural skills and attitude required for transparent and accountable RTI regime.

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