Reforms in Water Sector –  Implication for Sustained Water and Food Security



 Thursday, 22nd September  2016
 09:00-10:00 hrs.          Registration
 10:00-11:00 hrs.        Inaugural Session
 11:30-13:30 hrs.        Plenary Session:
·         Overview of reforms in water sector- Implications for sustained water and food security – Dr. C.D. Thatte
·         Water Governance for equity and sustainability–A.B. Pandya
·         Sustaining Groundwater Use in India - The challenges of managing Water-Food-Energy Nexus – Ravinder P.S. Malik
·         Success of Jalyukat Shivar in Maharashtra - Dr. P.N. Bhapkar, Secretary - Water Conservation EGS, Govt. of Maharashtra
14:00-15:30 hrs.         Technical Session I: Water Governance for Equity and Sustainability
·         Water polices reforms – Implementation and institutional aspects – A.D. Mohile
·         Experiences in water regulatory reforms in India– Dr. S.A. Kulkarni, Secretary, MWRRA
·         Water law reforms – Professor Philippe Cullet, Senior Visiting Fellow, Centre for Policy Research, Delhi and Professor of International and Environmental Law, SOAS University of London
·         The role of Canal Automation to improve water availability, food Security and ecology – International Experiences – Sumith Choy, Justin Simon and  Ajay Pradhan, and, RUBICON WATER
·         Pricing of irrigation water in Maharashtra – S.V. Sodal
·         Issues involved and solutions to bring reforms in public irrigation schemes in India –S.P. Jadhav, Jain Irrigation System
16:00-17:30 hrs.         Technical Session II: Managing Water at River Basin level
·         IRBM- Some glimpses of global experiences: A way forward for Indian situation? – M. Gopalakrishnan, Hon. Secretary General, ICID
·         Water management at basin level: A conceptual critique, towards hard decisions and achievable solutions – A.D. Mohile, Former Chairman, Central Water Commission
§  Relieving stress on ground water for irrigation applications and ground water regulations– Dr. Dinesh Kumar, Executive Director, IRAP
§  River basin planning of Baitarni Sub-basin using river system approach – R.K. Jain,  R.N. Sankhua, Deep Sikha, Sandeep Bisht CWC
§  Integrated water plan for Godawari Basin – A. Birajdar, Executive Director, GMIDC, WRD, Govt. of Maharashtra
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Friday, 23rd September 2016
09:30 -11:00 hrs.        Technical Session III: Technological Options for Efficient Use of Water in Irrigated Agriculture
·         Experiences in use of treated/untreated wastewater for irrigation – H.K. Varma, Executive Director, ICID
·         Improving the water use efficiency in in Karnataka – Anjum Parwez, MD, KBJNL
·         Experiences of water use efficiency in Madhya Pradesh – Shri M.J. Chaubey, Engineer-in-Chief, WRD, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh
·         Technological Options for Efficient Use of Water in Irrigated Agriculture – Dr. Alok Sikka, IWMI
·         Use of remote sensing and ICT in water resources management and system operation – V.V. Rao, Head, Water Resources Division, NRSA
·         Smart digital integrated water resource management information system–Ashok Karva, Managing Director, Mechatronics Systems Pvt. Ltd.,
11:30 -13:00 hrs.        Technical Session IV: Water pricing and impact of subsidies in irrigated agriculture
·         Improving cost recovery: Sustainable irrigation – Dr. R.P.S. Malik
·         Water pricing and impact of subsidies in irrigated agriculture - Clive Lyle, Australia
·         Role of lift irrigation schemes for sustainable development and food security of draught prone area under Krishna Basin in Maharashtra – R.B. Ghotte, Executive Director, MKVDC
·         Improving WUE in surface water irrigation by adoption of drip irrigation – Ramdas Battalwar, Netafim
·         Volumetric Supply, Pricing of Irrigation Water and Financial  Sustainability of Water User Associations : A case study - Vidya Purandare, WALMI, Aurangabad
·         Water pricing and impact of subsidies in irrigated agriculture – S.B. Pandey, DVC
14:00 -15:30 hrs.        Technical Session V: Participatory Irrigation Management
·         Incentivizing Water Use Efficiency- Virtual Water Approach – Dr. K. Yella Reddy, WALAMTARI, Hyderabad
·         Participatory irrigation Management in Maharashtra – Dr. Sanjay Belsare, Deputy Secretary, WRD, Maharashtra
·         Administrative and institutional framework for PIM in India vis-à-vis Japan – S.K. Srivastava and Sunil Kumar, NWA, Pune
·         PIM in Tamil Nadu – Constraints and opportunities in up-scaling – K. Manuraj, Chief Engineer, IMTI
·         Review of Formation of Water Users’ Associations in Maharashtra -  Hanumant Dhumal, Superintending Engineer, WRD
16:00 -17:30 hrs.        Technical Session VI: Emerging Trends in Public-Private Partnership in the public irrigation schemes and other issues
·         Public private partnership in irrigation projects - T.V. Raghu Ramaswamy, Dean Infrastructure Department, Amity University
·         Emerging trends in public-private partnership in the public irrigation schemes – P Prasad, Yes Bank
·         Experiences of Micro Irrigation for sugar cane industry in Karnataka .  Prof Aravind Galagali, KBJNL
·         Integration of  Jandhan-Aadhar-Mobile (JAM(with farming practices – M.S. Adarsh, K. Vysakh and Issac Isly, CWC
·         Achieving equity in water allocation and distribution, policies and strategies Karnataka and Tamil Nadu – P.K. Rao
                                          Morning Tea: 11:00-11:30 hrs.      Lunch 13:00-14:00 hrs.                Evening Tea: 15:30-16:00 hrs.
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