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Name pankaj kature email pankaj.kature@gmail.com
Mobile Number 09890042468    
Date 2010-11-29 4:56:11

dear pravin,
you are an example for those who deserve a lot but lost their confidence of achieving the goal. i know you from when i joined the orkut and add you as an friend, from that i have become the fan of you. 
i wish you will achieve all peaks of success in your life.

Name Shaikh Atif email golden.atif1@gmail.com
Mobile Number 09960591002    
Date 2010-11-28 9:09:43

Hey Pravin, Thanks for putting u r notes online. It will helps me for studying

Name Pravin Nirmal email pravin.nirmal@rediffmail.com
Mobile Number 9960465007    
Date 2010-11-28 5:37:38

Hi Pravin,I really feel nice when i see ur url and feel great that my name is also pravin.Actually we had talk eachother when i was in 3rd yr (2007)of my BE,and want to give MPSC exam when my mama named Subhas S Kakad gave me ur no.to contact u,n that time u really motivated me.finally u r really my inspiration.

Name Kalhan email  
Mobile Number      
Date 2010-11-27 8:41:13

Nice job dude...keep it up!!!

Name Lieutenant Pravin Kumar Vanjare email  
Mobile Number      
Date 2010-11-27 6:09:54

hey pravin.. read your profile thoroughly. hats off for you..i wish you keep on moving ahead

Name VENKATESH VANAM email vanam1883@rediffmail.com
Mobile Number 8087519421    
Date 2010-11-27 5:54:34

Hi pravin,very good website.....how i can download books from your website....ple help

Name sandip hase email sandiphase@gmail.com
Mobile Number 09311727769/9766921435    
Date 2010-11-26 6:35:16

what a great collection of books.
really superb

Name Arti Khandelwal email artirk@gmail.com
Mobile Number 09657710146    
Date 2010-11-26 3:17:50

Hello sir , i am AE I of MPSC-2007 Batch

Name Sachin Tikore email sachintiks4u@gmail.com
Mobile Number 9881063750    
Date 2010-11-24 5:58:43

Hi Pravin,
Today only i heard about you from my friend, so i started search & go you here.
I'm also an engg (mech) working in R & D, about 7 yrs. but not so satisfied, as the work i'm doing it is good but doesn't give me that satisfaction upto that extent.
I have interest in social things, so i'm thinking that i can do better in that field. So i have started to study MPSC & hope that soon i'll join the services.
I hope you'll be there whenever I'll seek guidence.

Wish you all the best to you for everything.

Name HABBU PRSAHANT DADARAO email habbuprashant@rediffmail.com
Mobile Number 9823405030    
Date 2010-11-23 11:57:26

Hi, I am AE-I of Batch 2010. Your lecture dated 23 Nov-2010 related to BEST USE TRAINING was very good. It will be very much helpful for all our batch. Thanking You.

Name SAGAR THORAT email thoratsagar202@gmail.com
Mobile Number 9657208656    
Date 2010-11-22 11:15:06


Name Ranjan email ranjan89@gmail.com
Mobile Number 9890989091    
Date 2010-11-21 18:06:48

Very great webpage...
Best wishes..

Name sandip hase email sandiphase@gmail.com
Mobile Number 9766921435    
Date 2010-11-18 15:03:21

updates are really nice
you are always superb.


Name Shree email  
Mobile Number      
Date 2010-11-18 2:30:42

have a good day...

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