Achyut Godbole


  1. Stood 16st in the SSC exams and 1st in the University
  2. Scored 100% marks in almost all the exams in Mathematics from 1st std to IIT
  3. A Chemical Engineer from IIT Mumbai
  4. 32 years of experience in the Software Companies in India, UK and USA
  5. He has traveled all over the globe more than 150 times for IT business
  6. Contributed to the multifold growth of Companies such as Patni, Syntel, L & T Infotech, Apar and Disha etc while working at the highest level
  7. Has written books on: ‘Operating Systems’, ‘Data Communications and Networks’ and ‘Web Technologies’ published by McGraw-Hill. Used as textbooks worldwide. Many are translated in different languages like Chinese.
  8. He is an advisor to Mumbai University and several IT publications.
  9. Has written popular books in Marathi: ‘Sanganakyug’ (computers), ‘Boardroom’ (Management), ‘Nadvedh’ (Music), ‘Kimayagar’ (Science), ‘Arthat’ (Economics)’ and ‘Gulam’ (slavery), ‘Thaiman Changalvadache’ (Psychology)
  10. Has written popular columns: ‘Zapoorza’ (English literature), ‘Tantra-Mantra’ (technology), ‘Bakhar Sangankachi’ (history of computers), ‘Udyache jag (tomorrow’s world)’, ‘Vaidyakayan’ (history of medicine), ‘Pranimatra’ (animals), and ‘Vidnyanvad’ (science)
  11. He has keen interest in Music, Literature, Economics, Science, Management and psychology apart from Information Technology.
  12. He was awarded a very prestigious ‘Distinguished Aluminus’ by IIT, ‘Udyogratna’ , twice by the prime minister for excellent performance of his company , ‘Kumar Gandharva Award' by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi ,‘Sahyadri Navratna’, ‘Indradhanu’ awards and ‘Dr. Parnerkar Award’ for contribution to Economics.
  13. He has contributed to building ‘Ashiana’ - a school in Mumbai for mentally challenged children with about 40 autistic children
  14. He worked with Bhil adivasis at Shahada Taluka, Dhulia District
  15. Currently, he is the Managing Director of ‘Softexcel Consultancy Services’

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