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Dr. J P George, is a very dynamic and intelligent teacher. He was Head of Department, Civil Engineering at Amrutvahini College of Engineering in 2002-03. His courses were  related to Structural Engineering. His teaching style is excellent. We feel our self  lucky because we trained under his guidance. Currently he is Principal of Maharashtra Academy of Engineering, Alandi, Pune
From Right: me, Dr. J P George, Mrs. Mannisha George & Gufran
Principal's Message  
    Millions said ‘the apple fell’ but Isaac Newton was the only one to ask ‘why’. This is the true spirit of curiosity and inquisitiveness that MAE tries to inculcate in its students. Highly qualified, experienced, and motivated faculty with a sense of purpose is the best asset that we boast of. The Institute’s serene atmosphere, infrastructure that keeps abreast of global standards, excellent academic facilities, and outstanding residential environment richly add to the perfect ambience for studies and thereby help us achieve the exacting standards of academic excellence.
    We understand the maxim that the students are the primary  stakeholders of any educational institute and that everyone else  only plays a second fiddle. The underlying philosophy of MAE  education can be summarized in the famous one liner, filled with  wit and wisdom, from Mark Twain “I never allowed my schooling to  interfere with my education”. Degrees can be obtained from a university, but not knowledge; goods can be purchased from a  market, but not reputation; money can buy almost anything, but  not character.
    Students who get admitted to MAE are put through the  principles and practices of engineering that are in-built in the curriculum. As they accumulate knowledge, the amount of ignorance that they carry also unfolds. This is where the real education begins for a grown up; moulding and shaping him to understand and appreciate the world around him. A sense of humility, simplicity, and modesty get inculcated into the personality of everyone. These are the qualities that make a man stand up to this world of fierce competition and challenges. To accomplish this, we offer numerous personality development programmes, discourses on spirituality, lectures on extra and co-curricular activities. We assure that every seventeen year old who spends four years at MAE is transformed into a mature adult who can stand up to any challenge in his personal or professional life and confidently declare “I can and I will do it the right way”.
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