Dr. Narendara Jadhav: Vice-chancellor, University of Pune


Dr. Narendra Jadhav created impact on my mind, when I read his Marathi novel 'Amcha Baap Aan Amhi' which was nominated for Sahitya Academy Award.
He born in Mumbai in 1953 in a poor family.  He always strive hard and as as a fruitful result, he is renowned as economist and prolific writer. Currently he is vice chancellor of University of Pune.
Dr. Narendra Jadhav is a well-known economist, public speaker and a social worker. He joined the Reserve Bank of India in 1977, served in various capacities and is presently Head of its Department of Economic Analysis & Policy. He served as Advisor to the Executive Director at the IMF during 1998-2002 and also completed an assignment for the Independent Evaluation Office at the IMF. Dr. Jadhav has in past served as Advisor to the Governor of National Bank of Ethopia and has visited several countries as part of various missions. He has been associated with a large number of committees. He was the Member Secretary of the Committee to Review the Working of the IGIDR (Chairman: Dr. I.G. Patel)
Dr. Jadhav has several scholastic honours and professional distinctions to his credit. He holds a doctorate degree in Economics from Indiana University, USA, for which he won the Best International Student Award and the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Economic Theory from the Indiana University, USA. His major research interests include monetary economics, public finance, international economics and econometrics. He was awarded the Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad Award for his book ‘Dr. Ambedkar: Economic Thoughts & Philosophy’. His recent novel ‘Outcast – Life and Triumphs of Untouchable Family In India’ has been published in French and is being published in English. Dr. Jadhav’s Marathi novel ‘Amcha Baap Aan Amhi’ was nominated for Sahitya Academy Award and a 52-part Hindi TV serial is currently underway on the same. His books on ‘Monetary Economics for India’, Macmillan, 1994 and his edited book ‘Challenge to Indian Banking: Competition, Globalization and Financial Markets’, Macmillan, 1996 have been popular readings on the subject. Besides, he has about 40 research articles in journals and edited books. These include:
  • “Money, Output & Prices: Causality Issues and Evidence”, Indian Economic Journal, July-Sept., 1992.
  • “Issues in Financial Sector Reforms” (jointly with Dr. C. Rangarajan) in ‘Indian Economy: Problems and Prospects’, edited by Dr. Bimal Jalan, 1992.
  • “Monetary Modelling of the Indian Economy: A Survey”, RBI Occasional Papers, June 1990.
  • “Fiscal-Monetary Dynamic Nexus in India: An Econometric Model”, Economic and Political Weekly, January 1990.
  • “Dynamics of Interaction Between Government Deficit and Domestic Debt in India” (jointly with Dr. C. Rangarajan and Dr. Anupam Basu), RBI Occasional Papers, September 1989, rep in ‘Tax Policy and Planning in Developing Countries’, eds, Amresh Bagchi and Nicholas Stern, Oxford University Press, 1994.
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