Water Resources Handbooks, Guides & References


Legal Instruments of Rivers in India.
Legal Instruments of Rivers in India Vol-1
Legal Instruments of Rivers in India Vol-II
Legal Instruments of Rivers in India Vol-III
Legal Instruments of Rivers in India Vol-IV
The Inter-State River Water Dispute Act, 1956
Bansagar Control Board, Agreement, Resolutions, Orders and Rules
Betwa River Board, Jhansi - Act, Rules & Regulations
River Boards Act 1956
Tungabhadra Board Act
CGWB Notification
Brahmaputra Board Act
Betwa River Board Act
Bansagar Control Board Act
Environmental Evaluation Studies Reports
1. Ramganga Report Volume I
2. Ramganga Report Volume II
3. Ramganga Report Volume III
4. Singur Report Volume I
5. Singur Report Volume II
Flood Estimation Reports
Betwa subzone 1(c)
Chambal subzone 1(b)
East Coast subzone 4(a), (b) & (c)
Indravati subzone 3(g)
Kaveri Basin subzone 3(i)
Krishna & Pennar subzone 3(h)
Lower Ganga Plains subzone 1(g)
Lower Godavari subzone 3(f)
Lower Narmada & Tapi subzone 3(b)
Luni subzone 1(a)
Mahanadi subzone 3 (d)
Mahi & Sabermati subzone 3(a)
Middle Ganga Plains subzone 1(f)
North Brahmaputra subzone 2 (a)
Sone subzone 1(d)
South Brahmaputra subzone 2 (b)
Upper Godavari subzone 3(e)
Upper Indo-Ganga Plains subzone 1(e)
Upper Narmada & Tapi subzone 3(c)
West Coast Region subzone 5(a) & (b)
Western Himalayas zone 7
Flood Forecasting and Warning Network Performance Appraisal Report (FFWNPAR)
All India FF Appraisal Report 2003
All India FF Appraisal Report 2004
All India FF Appraisal Report 2005-2007
All India FF Appraisal Report 2008
All India FF Appraisal Report 2009
All India FF Appraisal Report 2010
Final FFWNPAR2011 for printing
 Guide Lines & Guide Books.
Guidelines for Environmental Monitoring Of Water Resources Projects
Guidelines for Preparation and submission of DPR
AIBP guidelines
Guidelines for Preparing River Morphological Report March 2009
Dam Safety Related Documents/Guidelines
Report on Dam Safety Procedures
Standardised Data Book Format, Sample Checklist or Proforma for Periodical Inspection of Dams
Guidelines for Safety Inspections of Dams
Guidelines for Development and Implementation of Emergency Action Plan(EAP) for Dams
Guidelines for Preparing River Morphological Report, April 1991
Guidelines - Provision for Drinking Water Supply System, 1991
Guidelines for Less Water Consuming (leaner) Cropping Pattern, 1992
Guidelines for Monitoring of irrigation Projects, 1995
Guidelines for Environmental Monitoring Of Water Resources Projects
Guidelines for Planning conjunctive use of Surface and Ground Water, March 1995
Guidelines for Environmental Monitoring of Water Resource Project, January 1996
Guidelines and Legends for Preparation of Maps, February 1997
Guidelines for Performance Evaluation of Irrigation System, March 1997
Guidelines for Environmental Monitoring of Water Resource Project, March 1998
Guidelines for Planning of Parallel Canals, March 2000
Guidelines for Submission, Appraisal and Clearance of Irrigation and Multipurpose Projects, 2010
General Guidelines for Water Audit & Water Conservation
Guide book on hire charges equipment & spare parts
Guide to Hydrological Practices.
Draft Guidelines For Developing Water Use Efficiency In Urban, Rural, Industrial & Irrigation Sector
Guidelines for preparation and submission  of site specific seismic study report of river valley project to national committee on seismic design parameters 
General Guidelines
Annexure A (Glossary)
Annexure B (Illustrative Example : DSHA Method for Developing Target Response Spectra)
Annexure C (Illustrative Example : PSHA Method for Developing Target Response Spectra)
Annexure D (Proforma for Submission of Study Report to NCSDP)
Annexure E (Seismic design parameters approved by National Committee on Seismic Design Parameters (NCSDP) from 1991 onwards)
Draft Guidelines for Integrated Water Resources Development and Management
Guidelines for Grants - in - Aid to NGOs
National Register of Large Dams
Integrated Hydrological Data Book
Intigrated Hydrological Data Book - 2012 ( Non - Classified River Basins )
Hand book of Water Resources Statistics
Water Pricing in Public System in India
Financial Aspects of Medium and Major Projects
Preliminary Consolidated Report on Effect of Climate Change on Water Resources
Pricing of Water in Public System in India
Evaporation Control in reservoirs
Real Integrated Operation of Reservoirs
Appendix_I of CPWD Works Manual 2010
Sub-basin study under NWM
Schedule of price CWC 2012
Hand Book for Flood Protection/ Anti Erosion & River Training Works.
Reassessment of Water Resources Potential of India, 1993
Assessment of Water Resources at Basin Scale using Space Inputs (Godavari And Brahmani - Baitarani Basin) A Pilot Study By NRSC & Central Water Commission
Departmental Terminology English-Hindi
Financial Aspects of Flood Control, Anti Sea Erosion and Drainage Projects. 
Report of the Drafting Committee of National Water Framework Law
Hydro-Meteorological Data Dissemination Policy (2013)
Classified Data Release Committee
Water Quality Specification for Drinking Water
Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meeting minutes
1. 1 to 50
2. 51 to 60
3. 61 to 70
4. 71 to 80
5. 81 to 90
6. 91 to 96
7. 97 to 101
8. 102 to 104
9. 105 to 107
10.108 TAC Min
11.109 TAC Min
12.110 TAC Min (Corrigendum)
111th TAC meeting minutes
112th TAC meeting minutes
113th TAC meeting minutes
114th TAC meeting minutes
115th TAC meeting minutes
A Brief on Drought
Drought Prone Areas of the Country
Criteria adopted by CWC for drought identification
Current Policy
Programme to tackle drought
Status of irrigation in drought prone areas
River systems and stations
Flood Affected Areas
Flood Prone Areas
Achievement in Flood Management
State wise physical achievment of works under flood management
Flood Forecasting Network in India
Rashtriya Barh Ayog
Flood Management Programme
Flood Forecasting
River Management Activities and Works related to Border Areas
Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP)
CLA Release under AIBP PM Package
State wise CLA release under AIBP
Project wise CLA under AIBP
AIBP Background
AIBP Programme
AIBP Criteria for Funding
Achievements of AIBP
Monitoring of AIBP Projects
AIBP projects under Remote Sensing Monitoring
AIBP Releases vs Outlays
Potential Created under AIBP
List of Completed Projects under AIBP
Command Area Development & Water Management (CADWM) Programme
Guidelines for CADWM Release for 2010-11
Continuance of CADWM Programme
CADWM Programme Background
Physical and Financial Progress
Salient Features
Component of Reclamation of Waterlogging
Status Of Participatory Irrigation Management
Hyfrology Project
Hydrology Project Phase-I
Hydrology Project Phase-II
 Repair , Renovation and Restoration of water bodies
Guidelines for RRR of Water Bodies with Domestic Support
Guidelines for RRR of Water Bodies with External Assistance
Brief of RRR of Water Bodies
Order for scheme implementation with domestic support
Order for scheme implementation with external assistance
IIM Study Reports on Studying Gap between Irrigation Potential Created and Utilized
IIM Ahmedabad Study Report
IIM Bengalore Study Report
IIM Kolkata Study Report
IIM Lucknow Study Report
Report of Sub-Committee on More crop and income per drop of water
Rain Water Harvesting
Ground Water Augmentation Award and National Water Award
National Congress on Ground Water
Advisory Council on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water
Inter-State Water Dispute
Constitutional Provisions:-
The Sarkaria Commission
Inter - State River Water Disputes Act 1956
Interstate Water Dispute Tribunals
Ravi & Beas Waters Tribunal
Vansadhara River Water Dispute
Mahadayi/ Mandovi River
Krishna River Water Dispute Tribunal
Cauvery Water Disputes
Indirasagar (Polavaram) Project, A.P
Babhali Barrage Issue
Mulla Periyar Dam Issue
Awards of Water Dispute Tribunals
Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal (October 1969)
Godavari Water Disputes Tribunal (In April 1969)
Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal (December 2010)
National Water Mission
Comprehensive Mission Document for National Water Mission - Volume I
Comprehensive Mission Document for National Water Mission - Volume II
Minor Irrigation Census
2nd Census of M I Schemes
3rd Census of M I Schemes
4th Census of MI Schemes
5th Census of M I Schemes
Final Schedule for 5th MI Census
Instruction Manual for 5th MI Census (2011-12)
Functions and structure proposed for the State Statistical Cells under RMIS Scheme
Guidelines for Inspection by Supervisor
Guidelines to destroy MI Census records
Supervisors Report Form
Proforma for Monthly Progress Report
Guidelines for filling of QPR & APR
Minor Irrigation (MI) Census Presentations
MI Schedules
Proformas for RMIS Sanctions
Steering Committee Minutes held on 03.06.2013
IASRI study Final Report on Minor Irrigation-05 May- 2010
MI poster
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