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1) Land Acquisition

Complete Land Acquisition Process

Preparation of Land Acquisition Proposal & Submission to Collector Office

Budgetary Provision for Land Acquisition

Valuation of Land & Property of PAP

2) Rehabilitation

Payment of 12 % interest on 65 % amount deposited by PAP for alternate land to PAP

Payment of Transportation Allowance to PAP

Payment of House Building Allowance to PAP

Payment of Subsistence Allowance to  PAP.

Sanction of Gaothan plan and Administrative approval to civic amenities estimates 

3) Estimate & DTP


Preparation & Approval to Lead Statement

Preparation & Approval to Controlled Blasting & Chiseling Proposal

Preparation & Approval to Estimate

Preparation & Approval to DTP

4) Contract Management & Work Execution

Issue of Work Order to Contractor

Preparation & Approval of Proposal for excess more than 110% of Contract Value

Preparation & Approval of Clause 38 Proposal

Handing over Drawings to Contractor

Preparation & Approval of EIRL

Payment of Final Bill to Contractor

Proposal for Issue of Green Card/OK Card from QC

Proposal for Concrete Mix Design from QC

Proposal for Approval of Contractors Engineer

Payment of RA Bill to Contractor

Release of SD to Contractor

Proposal for Contract Time Extension

5) Maintenance of Water Resources Project

Preparation of Annual Maintenance Plan

Water Accounting Procedure

6) Irrigation Management

18 Year Water Lift Permission

Renewal of 18 Year Water Lift Permission

Collection of Water Demand

Issuing of Various Certificates

7) Mechanical

Process of annual OMR & Estimates

Process of diagnosis of breakdown (Failure analysis) & reporting

Process of Execution of repairs after break down

Process of local purchase

Process of Procurement  repairs through registered outside agency

Process of procurement of oil & lubricant

Process of Procurement through PAC

Process of Store Management

Process of Survey Report of Machinery

Procurement of fuel

Standard Procedure of Issue Of Material from Store

8) Electrical & Hydro

Hydro Project-Block Diagram

Issue of Letter of Permission ( LoP)  to Promoter for SHP ( Self Identified) 

Issue of Letter of Permission ( LoP)  to Promoter for SHP ( Tendered) 

Approval to TEFR and Issue of Letter of Allotment 

Signing of HPDA and Project Development

Inspection of Small Hydro  Electric Project by GoM WRD 

Block Diagram of Hydro Projects executed Departmentally

Block Diagram of HEP executed Departmentally-O&M by Maha Genco

O&M by Private Promoter for Bhandardara-1

O&M by Private Promoter for Bhandardara-2

O&M by Government of Maharashtra, Water Resources Department

Renovation and Modernization of HEP 

Block Diagram of Execution of HEP

Budget Allocation

Revenue Collection from Inter State  Hydro Projects - Power to MSEDCL Network 1)

9) Design

 Under Development

10) Training


Trainee Database by Er. Mhetre

Approval to Annual Training Programme (ATP) by Er. Mhetre

Nomination and Trainee Selection by Er. Mhetre

Logical Selection List of Trainee, Room Allotment Logic by Er. Mhetre

Registration, Attendance, Feedback, Certificate Generation by Er. Mhetre

Fixing Detailed Training Program  by Er. Mhetre

Lecturer Database by Er. Mhetre

Lecturer Presenty & Billing by Er. Mhetre

ATP & Selection of Participants Revised as per WALMI Team

Conduct of Training Revised as per WALMI Team

Consultancy Training as per WALMI Team

Hostel & Mess Management as per WALMI Team

 Penalty Action Against Absent Trainee Officer

11) Redesign of Portal

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